So, you want to invest in mindfulness for employees to improve company culture? You’ve heard all the rage about the transformative properties of practicing mindfulness and you’re ready to dig in, going as far as offering mindfulness resources in your company benefits packages for all employees. Then keep reading, because we are going to help you transform your company culture, enhance teams' productivity, and grow employee loyalty.

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Before starting, consider this: If you work for a multilingual company, does your mindfulness practice include them? Does the mindfulness practice include content for them as well, specific to their location? Inclusivity in the workplace means that everyone has a voice and a space to be heard authentically as they are.

Meditopia is one of the fastest-growing, most localized mindfulness apps in the world. Boasting content in 12 languages, Meditopia is unique in that its offerings are inspired by and set in various countries around the world. T

hat means if you’re a native Turkish speaker, you’ll find content solely in Turkish without having to navigate subtitles. Or, perhaps you’re a native English speaker and are looking to expand your mindfulness practice into other languages. Meditopia is not only a conduit for a deeper connection to self and others but also serves as a great language learning tool.

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With everything from sleep stories, meditation series, musical compositions, and live challenges, Meditopia has something for all. While the wealth of content is no doubt appealing, it can be overwhelming when determining where to start and what’s best for your company. 

Mindfulness Meditations for Beginners

So, let’s take a look at some great meditations specifically tailored for beginners and the workplace. 


This meditation program serves as an introduction to some of the foundational techniques found in meditation, focusing on your body and breath. Never tried meditation before? This is the program for you. A great way to begin integrating mindfulness into your company’s culture is to experience a program together. Try starting with this one, which provides ten sessions ranging from just eight to 14-minute long meditations. 

meditation at work


Maybe you’ve identified an individual or collective struggle with focus at work. This seven-session program allows you to improve your ability to focus while staying fully present

If you’re noticing that whole-company mindfulness isn’t as easy to manage or the logistics are too tricky to iron out, this can be a great series to try with the buddy system. Maybe each pair tries one meditation a week and meets to reflect on its impact. 

Managing Work-Life

Let’s say mindfulness is a well-established practice at your company. This series is a great refresh that can open up the conversation about work-life balance and how to improve its current state as you reflect on the series together. 

Company-Branded Playlists

With Meditopia, you can handpick meditations, sleep stories, songs, and talks to meet the exact needs of your colleagues. Beyond that, you can even create specific playlists for different teams within your organization for weekends, holidays, or just a general company favorites list. 

Again, finding what works for you and your employees is going to look different for each company. The important thing is to start a foundation of company culture based on trust and continue building from there. 

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Here’s what real people have said about Meditopia:

“Working at home, the days tend to blur together. I feel like since I started Meditopia, I’m much more able to break up my time which helps me feel more refreshed and on-task.”

Erik, an HR Employee Wellness Manager.

“The skills I learned in Meditopia helped me not let one bad meeting or interaction ruin the rest of my day or affect me as much. I’m able to move on with the rest of my work and day without carrying that frustration with me.”

Elisha, Teacher.

“Meditopia helped me manage some of that extra stress I was feeling from being inside all day and working from a 1-br apartment. It helped me improve my focus and concentration and I felt myself much more able to stay on task.”

Roma, Administrative Associate


Their experiences are telling. They convey Meditopia’s significant role in navigating stress, and also demonstrate how mindfulness for employees can help transform the workplace into one that embraces challenge and still holds space for peace.