We all love presents, but when it comes to corporate gifts, your team usually has high standards, especially when talking about mental health gifts for employees. On one hand, you need to consider the company’s budget, and on the other hand, you really wish to pamper your colleagues, so… How can you do both? 

In this article, HR professionals and people managers will discover an array of thoughtful and practical gifts tailored to enhance mental health awareness and support among employees.

Why are mental health gifts a good idea for employees?

Mental health gifts for employees offer more than just tokens of appreciation; they serve as tangible expressions of care and support for their well-being. These gifts not only demonstrate an organization's commitment to their team but also contribute to creating a positive work culture that values holistic health.

This is not only about pampering your employees, it’s also about increasing their retention and work satisfaction levels. In fact, it has been proven that companies that have corporate gifting practices increase their retention, improve their performance, and overall employee satisfaction.

When we focus on mental health corporate gifts, we aim at two things: benefiting the company through employee emotional support, and doing the right thing, which is being there for your team.

It’s a way to make their lives better in terms of productivity, work-life balance, stress relief, and relaxation.

5 Mental Health Gifts For Employees

Now let’s explore 5 mental health awareness gifts for employees that will make them feel included, supported, and excited about working in your company.

Gift IdeasPopular GiftPotential benefitsTeam Building and Social GiftsTeam Swag KitThe purpose of a Team Swag Kit is to boost morale, foster a sense of belonging, and promote company culture among team members.Subscription ToolsMeditation appsThey promote mindfulness and stress reduction, fostering mental clarity and resilience anytime the employee needs it.Healthy Lifestyle GiftsRe-usable Water BottleEncourage hydration and well-being, supporting physical and mental health throughout the workday.Work-Life Balance GiftsHobby CourseEnhance work-life balance and personal development, reducing stress and boosting overall satisfaction while offering entertainment and education.Remote Employees GiftsPowerbanks and stickers for their laptopsFoster convenience and morale, supporting productivity and positive workplace culture.

mental health gifts for remote employees

Team Building and Social Gifts

mental health gifts for employees

These types of gifts are all about creating a vibrant, cohesive, and motivated team. Imagine an environment where colleagues bond over exciting challenges and shared experiences, fostering trust and collaboration through laughs, teamwork, and skills.

The goal is not only boosting morale and camaraderie but also enhancing productivity, making work feel less like a chore and more like a delightful, shared journey. Here are some ideas:

  1. Team swag kit: A collection of branded items like t-shirts, mugs, and notebooks that boost team spirit and pride.
  2. Virtual team-building activities or games subscription: Access to online games and activities designed to enhance collaboration and camaraderie among remote teams.
  3. Customized team photo frames or collages: Personalized frames or collages that display cherished team memories, fostering a sense of unity and belonging.
  4. Group cooking or baking class vouchers: Vouchers for team members to join interactive cooking or baking classes, promoting teamwork and fun. Could be online or on-site.
  5. Board games or puzzle sets for team game nights: Sets of engaging board games or puzzles for team members to enjoy together, encouraging bonding and relaxation.

Subscription Tools

Subscriptions as mental health gifts for employees are a delightful way to promote well-being, offering a consistent stream of joy and relaxation. These thoughtful gifts provide employees with regular treats and experiences that help them unwind and stay engaged.

They can reduce stress, enhance focus, and foster a sense of appreciation and value. By showing you care about their mental well-being, these subscriptions create a happier, healthier, and more motivated work environment, making employees feel truly supported and cherished.

  1. Language learning app subscription: Access to apps or platforms that help employees learn new languages, enhancing personal and professional development.
  2. Digital magazine or audiobook subscription: A service providing a wide range of digital magazines or audiobooks for entertainment and learning.
  3. Online fitness or yoga class subscription: Membership to virtual fitness or yoga classes that promote physical health and well-being. They should be classes for all levels.
  4. Mindfulness and meditation tools subscription like Meditopia: Access to mindfulness and meditation resources to reduce stress and improve mental health. Meditopia, for example, also empowers employees because it's available in 12 languages and whenever they need to unwind.
  5. Creative design or photo editing software subscription: Subscription to software for creative design or photo editing, enhancing productivity and creative skills. It's also a fun way to increase camaraderie.

Healthy Lifestyle Gifts

self-care gifts for coworkers

Their goal is to promote wellness and vitality, encouraging employees to maintain a balanced and active lifestyle. These mental health corporate gifts boost energy levels and enhance overall well-being. By providing tools and resources that encourage healthy habits, you show employees that their health matters, fostering a culture of care and support. These gifts not only help reduce stress and increase productivity but also make employees feel valued and motivated to bring their best selves to work every day.

  1. Healthy snack gift baskets or fruit delivery subscriptions: Regular deliveries of nutritious snacks or fresh fruit to promote healthy eating habits. Consider allergies and personal diets.
  2. Re-usable water bottle: A durable, eco-friendly water bottle encouraging hydration and reducing plastic waste. It could have your company's logo.
  3. Indoor herb garden kit: A kit for growing herbs indoors, adding fresh flavors to meals and a touch of greenery to the workspace. Besides, gardening can also be a refreshing hobby for many.
  4. Air purifier or essential oil diffuser: Devices that improve air quality and create a soothing atmosphere with pleasant scents.
  5. Ergonomic desk accessories or standing desk converters: Tools that enhance workspace comfort and support better posture, reducing strain and fatigue.

Work-Life Balance Gifts

mental health corporate gifts

These gifts support relaxation and leisure, encouraging employees to take time for themselves and their loved ones. By promoting a healthy work-life balance, you show that you value their well-being and understand the importance of downtime.

These thoughtful gestures can reduce burnout, increase job satisfaction, and enhance overall productivity, making employees feel appreciated and motivated to maintain a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

  1. Personalized planner or journal: Customized tools for organizing tasks and thoughts, fostering productivity and mindfulness.
  2. Massage or spa gift certificates: Vouchers for relaxation and rejuvenation, promoting stress relief and self-care.
  3. Noise-canceling headphones or earbuds: Devices that block out distractions, enabling focus and concentration in any environment.
  4. Virtual assistant or task management app subscription: Access to digital tools that streamline tasks and increase efficiency, helping to stay organized and on track, while also promoting work-life balance.
  5. Hobby course: Enrollment in a class to explore personal interests and passions, promoting creativity and personal growth. Some ideas are ceramic, swimming, gardening, or art.

Remote Employees Gifts

Corporate gifting

Working remotely can create an abstract barrier between the company and the employees. You can reduce it by taking into consideration what could make your remote employees' work life more comfortable. By recognizing the unique challenges of remote work and providing tools or treats that make the home office experience better, you demonstrate genuine care and support.

  1. Ergonomic home office accessories (e.g., lumbar support pillows, laptop stands): Tools for comfort and posture improvement, enhancing productivity during remote work.
  2. Coffee or tea gift sets: Packages of high-quality beverages, providing a delightful pick-me-up for busy workdays. Consider allergies and personal diets.
  3. Powerbanks and stickers for their laptop: Handy portable chargers and laptop decorations, ensuring connectivity and personalization on the go. You could have a lot of fun with this idea if you consider inner jokes or memes.
  4. Digital gift cards for meal delivery services: Convenient vouchers for delicious meals, saving time and effort during busy workdays. Consider allergies and diet preferences as well.
  5. Virtual team-building experiences, such as virtual escape rooms or online trivia games: Interactive online activities fostering teamwork and camaraderie among remote teams.

Key Takeaways

  • Mental health gifts for employees go beyond appreciation, offering tangible support for well-being and fostering a positive workplace culture.
  • Corporate gifting practices contribute to increased retention, performance, and overall satisfaction and employee engagement.
  • Explore a variety of mental health awareness gifts, including team-building activities, subscription tools, healthy lifestyle items, work-life balance enhancers, and gifts for remote employees, to ensure inclusivity and support.
  • Team swag kits, subscription tools, healthy lifestyle gifts, and work-life balance gifts all contribute to boosting morale, fostering a sense of belonging, and promoting engagement among employees.
  • Consider remote employees' unique needs by offering gifts like ergonomic home office accessories and virtual team-building experiences, fostering productivity and positive workplace culture even in remote settings.

Mental Health Gifts For Employees: FAQs

How do mental health gifts contribute to a positive workplace environment?

Mental health gifts show employee appreciation and promote stress relief, emotional support, and relaxation, fostering a positive work culture.

What mental health gifts can help employees manage stress at work?

Gifts like meditation tools or stress-relief kits provide tools for mindfulness and emotional support, aiding in stress management. Meditopia offers +1000 meditations, programs, talks, and relaxing sounds in 12 languages.

What mental health gift subscriptions can employers offer their teams?

Employers can offer subscriptions to mindfulness tools, virtual therapy services, or wellness magazines to support employee well-being. It’s advisable to also check the employee suggestions on this topic to take their opinion into consideration.

What should employers consider when selecting mental health gifts for employees?

Employers should consider personalized gifts, employee preferences, and the overall impact on promoting a positive work culture and well-being. Even if your budget is limited, there are self-care gifts for employees that are affordable and efficient.

What mental health gifts are suitable for remote employees?

Remote employees can benefit from gifts like ergonomic home office accessories, virtual team-building experiences, or digital gift cards for self-care services, promoting well-being and engagement.