Our mission is to help people all over the world discover happiness within themselves and develop the mental resilience to apply to their daily lives.

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Back in 2017, we started to notice that we were losing touch with the present moment. We began to realize by talking with one another that our minds were either caught up in making future plans or reliving past memories; we weren’t enjoying everything the present moment had to offer. This didn’t just apply to us. Over dinner conversations and cups of coffee, our friends and family would discuss the same feeling of being disconnected with joy, peace of mind, and meaning. This manifested itself in the form of anxiety, stress, problems sleeping, and dissatisfaction.

We wanted to learn more about our nature, identify mental patterns that stands in the way of moving living joyfully. So we considered what steps we could take to help overcome these thought patterns. That’s when we started to dream of a world called Meditopia, a kind of utopia where everyone works to stay in the present moment, is curious to understand their own nature, and finds happiness within the natural flow of life. In Meditopia, we design techniques to help everyone learn how to cope with life.

We were privileged to be able to work hand in hand with mindfulness instructors, yoga teachers, and emotional healers to determine and analyze the root causes of emotions like stress, anxiety, anger, compassion, and gratitude. We then combined these perspectives with the latest scientific research on mental wellness and mindfulness exercises to produce what is now over 350 meditations in 7 different local languages.

We are proud and honored to say that we are now a family of 3 million PLUS people from all over the world, with headquarters in both Istanbul and Berlin, bridging the gap between East and West.