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Providing Constructive Feedback
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Being Present in Your Work & Life
Mindful Living
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Soft Skills & Performance
Managing Procrastination
Mindful Listening
The Art of Focusing
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Culture & Inclusion
Fundamentals of Inclusive Language
Fostering Diversity & Inclusion
Encouraging an Open Communication
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Tailor-made trainings to support your needs, help your colleagues develop new skills, and achieve your goals
Sample Course Outlines from Our Trainings
Mindfulness of the Body: The Power of Relaxation
We experience stress, anxiety , fear, anger and all kinds of emotions from time to time. Learning to relax your body helps calm your body’s response to stress. Feeling and relaxing your body makes difference in physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
In this training:
10-15 minutes mindfulness of the body meditation
Arriving in the present moment by feeling your body
Emotions manifest in the body
Controlling the nervous system by becoming mindful of the body
Different methods to relax
Stress, Wellbeing and Work-Life Balance
The topic of this training will be focus on work-life balance as well as stress and anxiety management at work. It will help you to find a deeper meaning in everything you do.
In this training:
You’ll understand what emotions come with a tough work life balance and how poor balance affects your mental health.
You will discover what stress and anxiety are and the differences between them.
We’ll examine general workplace stressors and problems which affect your work.
You will discover some steps to create a work life balance.
You will learn how to manage your emotions in a better way in the long run.
Instructors from Meditopia’s International Expert Community Hand-picked for your company
More than 50 expert speakers in 12 languages will guide you through dozens of subjects from Leadership to Well-being; Skills & Performance to Culture & Inclusivity. Our team of experts includes:
10-15 minutes mindfulness of the body meditation
Arriving in the present moment by feeling your body
Emotions manifest in the body
Controlling the nervous system by becoming mindful of the body
Different methods to relax
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Oscar Haussman
Head of Partnerships at YuLife
“With Meditopia, we’ve been really happy to see that it’s catering to a wide range of needs and desires within this realm. We have players talking positively about the sleep section, about the sound effects that are offered. We have players that really like the performance section as well as people that are just super interested that we created a playlist within the app.”
Samantha Gilmore
Mental Performance Coordinator at The New York Mets
“Our first aim was to provide a benefit to our customers that will support their mental health, especially during the hard conditions of pandemic. Our decision to collaborate with Meditopia lies in the fact that they're market leaders in the mental health sector in Turkey with both high ratings and user reviews. With positive feedback and a solid NPS score from our members alongside the smooth communication we've built with the Meditopia team, we're excited to expand the scope of our collaboration in 2022.”
Gülşah Köse
Loyalty and Affluent Segment Supervisor at Allianz
“For us, creating ‘me time’ for our employees and caring for them, is one of the most important messages and feelings that we want to pass on. It definitely strengthens employee loyalty.”
Başak Çavuş
Corporate Communications Associate Director at Publicis Groupe Turkey
“Through our collaboration with Meditopia, our employees can take a quick break during the day to get away from their daily stress. Not only in their business life but also in their private lives, they can take simple and practical steps for a healthy spirit and life by benefiting from Meditopia's various opportunities such as sleep stories and inspiring motivational affirmations.”
Deniz Türker
HR Manager at UCB Pharma
“Due to the pandemic, we spent a long time without touching each other. Only looking into our eyes through screens. The country's situation wasn't helpful either. Even though we know the hardest days are over, we still need to do some healing. In this journey, I came across Meditopia and I wanted our entire Hypers team to benefit from them as I did.”
Eylül Dölkeleş Gürevin
President at Hypers New Media
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