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Equip every member of your team with our top-tier, AI-powered mental health and business coaching. Experience superior guidance and unwavering support, driving well-being and peak performance throughout your organization.

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Support your workforce, anywhere, anytime

Navigate workplace stressors with AI's expert mental health guidance
Experience a judgment-free sanctuary where your team can voice their concerns without hesitation. Benefit from secure and private conversations with our AI mental health assistant, available 24/7 to ensure well-being anytime, anywhere.
Turn challenges into opportunities for your team with AI-business coaching
Get real time, 1-1 coaching on any aspect you need
Resolve conflicts, find career motivation, enhance leadership skills or navigate deadlines or work with uncertainty. All in one place.
Receive actionable insights and create measurable plans to address challenges
Trained by ICF, CBT and ACT experts to support in wide range of topics
Increase engagement with personalized
content recommendation
Let AI understand you and create you a personalized program and select contents from Meditopia library
1000+ resources available in 12 languages
Expert articles, growth exercises, and calming videos
Tailored content addressing diverse well-being and business needs
You are always 1-click away from unlimited support with seamless integrations
Integrate seamlessly with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Chrome
Accessible via web, app, and watch
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