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Frequently Asked Questions

A psychologist is a trained professional who makes psychological evaluations and uses various evidence-based techniques to improve individuals’ mental health. They help people cope with a broad range of situations by guiding them in developing adaptive coping skills.

We count on an extensive network of licensed psychologists in various geographies. They all have the necessary credentials and background in therapy to ethically and professionally help people with different situations.

Online therapy is right for anyone who's looking forward to receiving psychological support for various topics, getting to know themselves better, and contextualizing their experiences with the guidance of a mental health professional. There are no prerequisites to start getting online therapy. Individuals can start this process to get help in coping with the daily challenges in their lives as well as develop some of their personal skills.

After you click on the "Book a session" button on this page and complete a short assessment, we'll match you to the psychologist who's suitable to your preferences and has expertise in the fields you want to address. If you want to change your psychologist after your session, we'll help you get matched to someone else.

You'll have access to your psychologist's calendar after you make the payment. Through the calendar page, you can pick a suitable time slot. You'll hold your session by video call. Each session lasts 45 minutes.

Each session you purchase is valid for 12 months. In addition to these sessions, you can buy new sessions whenever you want and keep progressing with your psychologist.

Each session you'll hold with your psychologist lasts 45 minutes.

You can set the frequency of the sessions with your psychologist. You can buy as many sessions as you want through the session management page. This way, you can get the support you need.

- If you are aged 18 and below

- If you think of harming yourself or others and/or have suicidal thoughts

- If you are experiencing an emergency crisis

- If you are receiving treatment with or without medications due to a diagnosis of a psychological disorder

We'd like to remind you that this service won't correspond to your needs.

In the event of the aforementioned situations, we recommend you see a psychiatrist.