Give your employees peace of mind.

Support your employees’ mental wellness with access to 1000s of meditations, breathing exercises, sleep stories, informational talks, and relaxing music.

PLUS get a free readymade mental wellness newsletter sent to you and your employees every month packed with tips, advice, and resources on how to thrive while working from home.

Here’s what you’ll be getting for your employees when you sign up:

1000s of meditations for beginners to experts, on a wide range of topics like motivation, focus, anxiety, stress, relationships, challenging emotions, compassion, and getting a good night’s sleep.

100s of informational and inspirational talks on everyday challenges and solutions.

50+ sleep stories to help your team get the good night’s rest they deserve.

50+ beautiful and relaxing songs composed with soothing tunes & chords.

Meditation Challenges and Collections curated specifically for overcoming the many hardships that come with working remotely and enduring this pandemic.

Monthly newsletter full of research-backed and useful tips, techniques, resources, and advice on working from home.

Here’s what teams are saying about Meditopia...

“Teaching from home has been a big challenge for me and Meditopia’s helped me not feel totally overwhelmed and in over my head everyday.”

Eric, Teacher

“The sleep meditations and stories are my favorite! This has been a total game changer for my energy levels!”

- Karla, Marketing Manager

“Our team decided to do a challenge together and it brought so many constructive conversations to the table and really brought us together. I’m so grateful for this.”

- Daniela, Social Worker

“This app has had this amazing ripple effect on our whole team. A few months ago, I would have never guessed our team would be meditating every day but we are and it’s been life-changing!”

- Alex, Nurse Practitioner

“The debate is over. Every company needs to have a mental wellness benefit like this available to all of its employees.”

- Lucas, Health Insurance Associate

“With most of our students studying remotely, we had to find a way to offer mental wellness resources virutally. Meditopia has been exactly what we needed and more!”

- Ana, University Dean