Our experts support your team in diverse mental and emotional afflictions

Our therapists are licensed in different areas of psychological and emotional expertise and provide support in a wide range of emotions and ailments such as anxiety, burnout, lack of motivation, depression, and others.

workplace strategies for mental health

How 1-1 Personalized Care Works

When your team prospers, so does your company. Meditopia's goal is to offer them personalized mental health support so they can feel better every day and achieve their maximum potential at work, despite their daily personal and work challenges.

Start with a self-assessment
Complete the mental health assessment.
Match with your expert
We will match you with the best expert according to your goals and needs.
Set your 1-1 session schedule
Review your expert’s schedule and arrange your first call.
Download the app
Download the app to access your personalized mindfulness program, and stay in contact with your expert.
Don’t forget that all your online therapy sessions are secured and protected via Meditopia’s platform.