Our motivations represent the reasons we each have for acting or behaving a particular way. We each have motivations that determine what hobbies we participate in during our free time, what professional or academic goals we set, or how we treat those around us. In each of those cases, we can see motivation as an internal process which helps us move toward those goals.

Yet so many of us struggle to maintain our motivation when working toward specific goals. It may be that you want to get good grades in a class you’re taking, perhaps you want to save enough money to go on a vacation, or lose a certain amount of weight. Whatever it may be, we all know that discouraging feeling that comes when we start to lose our willpower. We can end up feeling guilty, unworthy, or unable to accomplish what we set out to do. This cycle of initial motivation, disappointment, guilt, shame, and failure begins to convince us that we can never really achieve anything.

So how can meditation break that cycle? Practicing meditation consistently can help you peel back the layers and uncover the real drivers behind each of your goals. By giving yourself the space and permission to look at the goals you’ve set out for yourself with candor and sincerity, you gain more clarity in understanding whether those goals align with what’s actually important to you versus others. Meditating on our goals and sources of motivation allow us to directly tap into our deepest desires, missions, and values and understand the WHY behind each of our actions. Once we understand the WHY, we are much more likely to maintain our motivation for the things we determine to be most important to our lives.