Most of the time, even when you’re here physically, you may feel far away mentally. Instead of experiencing the reality of the moment, it’s easy for us to get lost in our thoughts about a regret from the past, worries about the future or even be consumed by scenarios that haven’t even happened. While we’re consumed with our concerns about the next day or week, life is happening all around us, right at this moment. The problem with this is that those of us who allow ourselves to only live in the past or future moment end up going through their days on “auto-pilot”. We walk without ever noticing the sensations beneath our feet, swallow our food without savoring the tastes, and even pretend to listen to other people while merely planning on how we’ll respond.

Mindfulness meditation is simply a way to train your mind to focus on your experiences in the present moment. In other words, we simply pay attention to whatever it is that we’re experiencing emotionally, mentally, and physically as we are experiencing it.

The impacts of mindfulness on us go far beyond noticing the present moment. Mindfulness meditation has been proven to help relieve stress, improve sleep, heighten our intellectual and emotional capabilities, and reduce high blood pressure and chronic pain. For these reasons and more, mindfulness is at the core of all of our meditations. We are waging war on chronic stress, fatigue, depression, and all of the physical ailments that accompany these states of mind.