“Gratitude” and “grateful” are words we often hear, but don’t fully experience. Gratitude or being grateful involves practicing appreciation and giving thanks for the state of our lives, a person, thing, or condition, just as it is. It means appreciating everything we experience and everything we do have including our relationships, our physical capabilities, cherished individuals, objects, and even, in some instances, the struggles we face.

Most of the time our minds are busy focusing on our discontent and grievances. Our inclination as humans to focus more on the negative things happening in our lives overshadows the things and people that make our lives better and easier. The more we reinforce these patterns of thought, the more we manifest those same negative situations and grievances. What we focus on becomes our reality. Yet who wants their reality to be comprised of annoyances and negative outlooks?

Meditation welcomes us to become aware of and detect those negative patterns of thought and begin taking the meaning and weight out of those thoughts. Then with time and space, we will begin shifting our energy and focus toward all of the people and things that make our lives joyful, easier, healthier, and better. The more we train our minds to see everything we have to be grateful for, the more we will begin to shift our own reality.