To focus on something is to shift our whole attention and interest to whatever activity is before us. Focus is one of the most important capabilities we can develop in order to realize our potential in all things. Every conversation we have, every project we complete, or chore we finish requires some, if not all of our focus. Focus also requires prioritization and allows us to devote our attention to one thing at a time, helping us complete works big and small.

We often convince ourselves that we’ll be able to focus on different things at the same time, something we revere as multitasking. Yet, it’s become increasingly apparent that multi-tasking, in fact, splits our focus and often leaves us unable to complete our tasks as well or as quickly as we might have if we had finished each action, one by one.

Especially in today’s world, not only can multitasking be seen as a praiseworthy skill, it seems to be necessary with all of the devices, mediums, and information that we’re managing simultaneously. We all know the scattered feeling of trying to finish a task, and then our phone notifications pings, an email appears, or a more pressing task arises. It can leave you feeling like you’re getting nowhere, moving from task to task, half-finishing each of them, and at the end of the day, you feel you’ve accomplished nothing.

Meditopia’s Focus Meditation Series guides us in strengthening our ability to maintain our focus, and keep our attention on whatever it is that we’re working on in the present moment. Over a series of practices, using mindfulness, you will begin to identify the techniques and patterns of thought you need to help you keep yourself focused and clear.